Patented technology Clinically Proven to increase Skin hydration for a glowing, healthy appearance

dry skin → soft skin

Wrinkled skin → plump skin

Rough skin → smooth skin

Thin skin → Elastic skin

Clinically proven to hydrate the skin

The importance of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is all the rage... and for good reason. It is critically important for healthy, hydrated skin and joints.

As you get older

  1. You produce less hyaluronic acid
  2. You lose more moisture through the skin due to the "loosening" of fibers
  3. The hyaluronic acid you do produce is held deeper down in the skin

In a clinical study involving 107 participants aged 30-50 years old, Velvet-Glō improved skin moisture content over 40% as measured by the internationally recognized corneometer method. No adverse effects were reported.

Naturally hydrate the skin from the inside out

What most people don't know
Commodity hyaluronic acid is not absorbed by the body because in its natural state, the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid is too big.

Our solution
Our patented enzyme cleaving technique resolves the issue of molecular weight without reducing the integrity of hyaluronic acid, making Velvet-Glō better absorbed and highly bioavailable.

Prevents transdermal moisture loss,
making skin appear moist and plump

Supports even skin tone by helping nutrients flow to the epidermis and exporting toxins away

Increases skin repair and skin cell life cycle efficiency

Helps eliminate the dead outer layer of skin, accelerating cell rejuvination

Helps improve joint stiffness, too.